Hi! I'm a bride in CT looking for the best photographer for my engagement shoot. Unfortunately we're kind of on a tight budget... looking at $100-$200. I was wondering if you might give me a price quote and some details about your packaging! :]

Hey send me an email at Marisa.mmphotography@gmail.com. I don’t use this site at all anymore but I’d be happy to show you my pricing and what I can do for you!

Marisa Pellerin Photography  l  Let Fall Commence!!  l  S Family Having a Blast

I’ve known the S family for a few years now and I was delighted that they wanted some more photos of their cute little family!  Little L is such a cutie and he is such a smart little boy, he was ready to pick some apples and “try” to pick up some pumpkins.  We took our shoot over to Lyman Orchards during the morning hours which was perfect because there was no one there.  I love having a typically busy spot, all to myself.  This family couldn’t be cuter!!  We walked to orchards and I did my thing as usual and grabbed those awesome candids of L grabbing some apples and running around with his parents.  There happened to be a school bus full of toddlers that decided it would be a great day to visit the orchards too and L was highly impressed that there happened to be people his size running around.  

Heading over to the pumpkin patch there were still plenty of pumpkins to choose from that were still in great shape! We then took our session down to the main store where they watched and fed the little duckies!  L was fascinated with them when they were eating!  

The session was great, I love this family and they are so awesome to work with.  L is so precious….momma and pop are sure lucky to have a little one like him!  

On a slightly horrible note……I threw my back out really bad after the session, I was on the couch for 6 days, most of the time immobile.  I do have back problems but nothing like this had ever happened.  I felt so hopeless and helpless during that time , but I am glad to say that I am almost back to normal…still a few more days to go until I am fully back.  I was really sad because I had to cancel so many shoots last weekend!  I am so thankful that my clients were understanding of my situation and wished me well.  All of my clients are rebooked (thank god!) so their sessions are coming up shortly!! 

Thank you to everyone who has sent me well wishes to get back on my feet!!!  

Marisa Pellerin Photography  l  Engagement in the Big Apple  l  A & G Are getting hitched!

I was invited to NYC to photograph this amazing couple…..a long long time ago (which seems like yesterday) A and I attended elementary school together, and now it’s time for her to get married!  This was my first photo shoot out of the state, I was so excited to get out and explore new possibilities.  I knew that we were going to have a great time, and I knew the city would make for some fabulous locations of great color and texture. A & G had a few places specifically picked out for their shoot, so we headed to a bar in manhattan and then heading to the brooklyn bridge and to the Gershwin theater (where G actually proposed to A!)   He proposed to her right on the stage where Wicked is performed!  We ended their session on the roof deck of their apartment on Roosevelt Island (which I have never been to).  It was such a freakin cute place over there!! We took the tram to get to which was totally awesome and allows you to have a different aspect of the city life, I felt like I was on a ride at Disney haha.  

I hope that in the future I will have more shoots just like theirs in the city and beyond.  I really like to adventure side of having a photo shoot in the city because there are new opportunities around every corner.  Each space has a different atmosphere and offers up some very creative ventures!  

Their shoot was so awesome because they are awesome people!!  We took some shots with G’s Application logo placed on some tshirts that they made.  G started an application called UNTAPPD which is an app that allows anybody to update which beer they are drinking and where they are drinking it.  He has done an awesome job setting it up and it looks awesome.  I just downloaded it myself, oh and it’s FREE!  Go check it out and download it and start using it to check in your favorite beer!  

Marisa Pellerin Photography  l  Stacy & Jeremie Engagement  l  Orchardlicious

This cute couple and I have been planning on their engagement photos for such a long time now and we have finally gotten together to spent a few snapping away at their session!  We went to a usual spot that I tend to go to for some of my photography sessions.  It was PACKED with people and I mean packed….I told them to meet me at the store but it was way too crowded to try to get even some decent shots without a bunch of people being in the background.  We went up to the top of the hill and to my surprise I found a spot that I didn’t even know existed!!  I was so excited!!  I think I found my new favorite place to take pictures!  We figured that this spot would be under constant surveillance but it turned out that we weren’t bothered.  The colors and the rust and the paint chipping away at the building was awesome, a photographers dream!

They were so cute together, even though we almost were run over by passing by cars we had a great time at the orchard with the apple crates and apples and pumpkins.  I really love how these shots came out!  

The best thing for a photographer to suggest to their clients is to add color color color! BRIGHT COLORS….and this time of year it starts to get gloomy in the colors around us, the browns come out and the colors don’t really flatter the photos, so having your clients wear bright colors like purples and yellows and greens and pinks make up for the dull background colors.  Your subjects will just pop in each photo and it allows for each couple or child or family to have their own unique style and personality!!  LOVE IT! 

Marisa Pellerin Photography  l  M Family On Top of Connecticut  l  Family Photographer

Holly contacted me through my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/marisapellerinphotography   she was looking to have a photo shoot with her and her family,  I was so excited that she contacted me!  We took our session to a local park which has amazing views….there is even a castle there!  The drive to the very top of the mountain was about a 7 minute drive up a step terrain, but the drive was worth it, for the views were magnificent.  T the kid was amazed at what he could see over the ledge, he was pointing out pools and fields, etc.  He was excited to say the least!  Grandma even got in a few shots with the family.  

We went from the castle into the park and T played on the playscape after we grabbed shots of him and dad in there hockey jerseys!  T had a game earlier in the day and is an avid hockey watcher along with his dad.  

We had an overall great time!!  They were all so happy and easy going with everything, and we all ended the day with playing around on the playscape!

Marisa Pellerin Photography  l  Holy Cuteness Family  l  Comin in hot!

Ok, first off…..this family is hilarious, little S was so smart and witty and mom and dad are sassy and hilarious!  This little family are family friends of mine…..A is my cousins best friend.  They have such a cute story!!  A & J are officially adopted little S this month, and they are finally getting married on new years eve!  They asked me to photograph their wedding and I said yes! I usually don’t photograph weddings but we have an awesome agreement!  So this session was so sweet to photograph and i’m glad that they asked me to do it.  Doesn’t S look just like both of them!?!?  

A contacted me early this morning and told me how fabulous the photos turned out and that she absolutely loved them.  We had a great time getting the perfect shots, and mainly little s ran the show.  He would pick flowers and give them to mom saying “this is for your mom it’ll look pretty in your hair”, “let’s do butterfly kisses”, “come touch my muscles”, “she’s gonna see my nipples” haha, he had me rollin!  

Check out this cuteness and go check out my facebook page at 


Marisa Pellerin Photography  l  Sisters at the park  l  The C Sisters with the kids!

My friend M purchased a gift certificate from me for her sisters to get some shots done of them together with their kids.  I was so excited, this was my first client who had asked for a gift certificate!!  We all met at a local park within our area and we got to it right away!  There was a benefit walk going on so we had to do what we could with the little area that we had to work with.  The shots came out great and the sisters loved them!!  Their entire family talked to me about how lovely the shots were, I love to make people happy!  

E & S are the little ones in these photos and boy were they fun!!!  E is 2 and has a funny sense of humor at her little age already, S cheerleads and taught E some cheers so they were both cheering at one point.  Thankfully the weather held out a little bit for us, but the sun did pop out for a few minutes.  

This type of photographing is different than the normal “family” sessions, many folks only think of getting family shots (mom, dad, kids, grandma, etc…) BUT photographing is for anything and anyone, no matter what relationship you may have with someone else.  Friends, Sisters, Brothers, Pets…etc… All you need is a love!!!  It’s so precious to be able to photograph such great love and pride between people.  

Marisa Pellerin Photography  l  Fires & Bikes  l  Hannah & Matt’s Engagement!

So much fun with these two lovebirds!  They invited me to their property where they are building a home to take their engagement photos.  The property is huge and so beautiful, there were so many locations where we had some great shots!  Turns out Matt races dirt bikes, so we had incorporate some dirt bikes of course!  I also had some extra sparklers left around from the fourth of july so we used some of those too!  Everything came out perfectly, the sun was just setting and it lite up our location perfectly.  

I always say this but i LOVE what I do!!!  Nothing is more exciting then meeting a client(s) and getting the session rolling, the best feeling is getting “the shot”.  I always gasp and I have to show my clients!!!  Most of the time their expression matches mine!  I saw Hannah today to give her their cd, and she said it perfectly……she said that she loved me style of photography because it was different, that I capture the perfect moments that are candid but special.  I was very touched by what she had said to me because that’s how i feel as well!  She begged me to photograph their wedding haha….I wish i had a passion for wedding photography, but I feel as if I do a better job with portrait photographer……so much pressure on wedding day, you gotta get the shot! lol.. 

Marisa Pellerin Photography  l  Seniors Seniors Everywhere  l  J’s. SeNiOr Session!

ANOTHER SENIOR!  I had two senior sessions in a row, love this!  J found me through her sister who I met a little while ago through another friend, I was so excited when she asked me to take her senior shots.  It’s funny, turns out that both of the seniors I shot are form the same high school.  We set off to a local park and started right away with snapping away!  During the first set of shots with the first outfit two bikers pulled up directly to where we were shooting….I couldn’t resist, so I asked “Hey, do you mind if we grab some shots with your bikes???”  They guys said sure whatever you’d like to do…I was ecstatic because I knew the shots would come out awesome!  J was hesitant at first but I reassured her that they would look awesome.  

The shoot went very well! We had so much fun scouting out locations in the park to grab the perfect shots.  I love being at a location and watching the location “change”, meaning the sun is settling lower in the sky and the light is changing between the trees and shadows start casting over everything…it creates a totally different atmosphere and I always seem to get more inspiration and have visions that I want to see portrayed in the photos.  Mom was having the same thing!, she saw visions and we’d get her vision in photo form and then we’d see mine and get that one too!  I just love when a shoot goes very well and everyone involved has a great time!  

The best thing about photographing is the compliments…..in my daily life I don’t really take compliments well about myself, I don’t know why lol….but when it comes to my photography and what I love to do that’s when the compliments are amazing and I really appreciate deep down what my clients tell me.  It feels amazing to satisfy my clients with these wonderful photographs which they will keep forever!  The photography experience is so much more than ending up with a product at the end that you can see and physically feel…..it’s emotions, its memories, the whole entire process from email- to phone call- to meeting up- to getting that first shot- to getting to know the family - to leaving and then to editing….it’s all what is remembered by the families and they will always cherish that forever!  LOVE IT!  I don’t just love photography, i love making memories :)

Marisa Pellerin Photography  l  Senior Session at Dusk  l  H’s SeNioR YEAR!

H’s mom contacted me through a craigslist posting that I put up!  I was so excited that I received one of my first senior sessions….I loved it, we had such a great time and H was so creative with her outfits and her props.  She plays the viola and she brought it along for the photos.  I love string instruments, hearing the violin, or viola, or cello or bass just makes me happy and I feel like dancin!  We set off on our photo adventure at around 5, our first location we got kicked out of, no we weren’t damaging the property or anything, there just so happened to be a wedding during the time we scheduled our shoot at that location…..but we set off down the road and found an even better location!  Railroad tracks, the road, water, rocks….perfecto.  There was actually another senior session going on with another photographer, but our session was so much better!!! We had fun and we cracked jokes, I got to know H and her mom and more about their family.  In the close future we are going to have a shoot with H and all her sisters!  Very excited about that.  

Senior photography is so much different then having a session with kids or a family.  There is no pressure, but you know that this is an important time in their lives….their seniors in high school and it’s almost their time to get out into the real world and find out who they really are as a person.  I still remember my senior year very well and it was such a great time in my life, I don’t know if I would say i’d go back but I loved it!  

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