Marisa Pellerin Photography  l  E & J  l  Couple at the Barns

E & J have been clients of mine before for family shots as well as couple shots once before….They both wanted to do a longer shoot, so we headed over to the Barns at Wesleyan hills.  I’m not quite sure why they call them the barns, their neither red or have any type of animal within the vicinity.  I scouted out plenty of areas where we were going to get the right shots!  I love the texture of wood and textures in the ground and the trees, so we found the perfect spots all along the property.  I used to go to elementary school right next to this area and I always knew that there was a little passageway where students would travel through to go home, it almost looks like where a troll would live!  You can see the shot in a few of the shots above.  

They are such a cute couple!  They both really do love each other and you can obviously see it within the photos!  E had some great ideas with posing and places to get the best shots!  One of the reasons why I love photography so much is that you never need a reason to have photos taken, and e & j are one of those reasons.  They wanted some fun, classy and happy shots of them to have and to cherish.  You don’t need to be engaged to have couple shots taken, you just need to be happy with that other individual.  You need to capture that love and bundle it up into a photo to keep with you forever!  There are times in our lives where we always wish that we had a photo to look back on and remember visually the happiness that was there….well hire a photographer and get out there and capture those memories!!!!! It is NEVER too late to save those memories via photographs…call me up to book me!!!

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